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Live Act & DJ


The idea of “TrockenSaft” belongs to a young, ambitious and talented person, Pasha Joint. To date, he’s taken a worthy place in the music world with his creative, interesting, individual and always high-quality sound. In his early thirties, he can boast of some impressive achievements in the industry for making a variety of techno music and being recognized by a whole lot of truly big names of the scene. His sound, while remaining very distinct and sophisticated to some, surely reaches everyone.

Pasha Joint is known not only as a DJ, but also as one of the co-founders of “Access Denied”, which is one of the most prominent and noted projects from post-Soviet states , successfully touring all around Europe. Joint’s employment record deserves special attention. In 2006, Pasha becomes a part of the world famous LOVE PARADE after playing a well-received set at the official Parade’s afterparty in "Faces Club". In 2007-2009 the draft of Access Denied was a welcomed guest at all the major dance floors of “Kazantip” (the biggest annual electronic music event in Eastern Europe since 1995, with over 150,000 people attending it every year).
In 2009 Access Denied resided in Spain, which resulted in performing at such events as “iBreaks”, “Electro Dreams 2009” and “Winter Festival”. Pasha Joint also hosts his own radio show “Access Granted” on British radio “iBreaks” and on “New Radio”. He is a regular guest to the biggest events in Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Russia, and Ukraine, sharing a stage with such names as The Prodigy, Aphrodite, Dub FX, Noisia, Pendulum, Stanton Warriors, Atomic Hooligan, Hyper, Krafty Kuts, Elite Force, Deekline, The Proxy, Zoo Brazill, Barry Ashworth, Chris Clark, Butch, TomCraft, Hardy Hard, Namito, Dasty Kid, Stephn Bodzin, Meat Katie and many others... As for today, he has more than 8 vinyl releases and 20 digital ones up his sleeve. Among the remixers of his tracks you’ll find such projects as: Butch, NuDisco, KaizerDisco, and Martin Eyerer.

Pasha Joint is also a proud owner of “ KDB Records” (DE), which is located in Berlin and, accordingly, is techno/tech house/minimal oriented. In this studio Pasha generated his ideas, composing thousands of sounds into moving and quirky music. This is where “TrockenSaft” was born. Inspired by new ideas, Pasha managed to create some striking compositions in a very short time. The project is sure to be alive and keeps on developing, creating a new future using past experience, which perfectly fits the motto of the project: FASHION CHANGES - STYLE REMAINS...
For a short period of time, “TrockenSaft” has already recorded his first releases and signed contracts with some major techno labels. Pasha’s plans are ambitious and rapidly becoming a reality...




  • Trockensaft feat Friga - I´m Just A Dancer - BlackFoxMusic 015
  • Trockensaft - Drunken Sailor - BlackFoxMusic 014
  • Trockensaft - Stickstoff - Compilation Kapitel 2 - BlackFoxMusic 010
  • TrockenSaft - 22.04.2010 - Apfel
  • TrockenSaft - 10.06.2010 - Purpur
  • TrockenSaft - 28.07.2010 - Prism Vision
  • TrockenSaft - 08.09.2010 - Havana Club
  • TrockenSaft - 05.10.2010 - Behind The Frame Vol 1
  • TrockenSaft - 09.11.2010 - Opposites
  • TrockenSaft - 30.11.2010 - Behind The Frame Vol.2
  • TrockenSaft - 03.01.2011 - Italo Journey

  • [KDB009D] On The Road To The East / KDB (Germany)
  • [KMR012] Remember Kazantip / Kiss My... Records! (Ukraine)
  • [KDB010D] Indian Boogie / KDB (Germany)
  • [KDB011D] Apa Mor De / KDB (Germany)


Resident Advisor
KDB Records



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