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Markus Lange

Live Act


Markus Lange Markus Lange (Great Stuff / Craft Music / Interklang/Whirlpoolsex) Berlin / Germany. 
Are there still steep careers in house and the techno scene? In the case of Markus Lange, one can not assume. The year 1985 not only gave the electronic world the legendary ''No Ufos'' E.P from Model 500,but no-at the same time in the ''brandenburgischen Forst'', Markus Lange was born. For such successful records,20 years old is quite a conciderable age for a rising young artist At the beginning of 2002 at the tender age of 17 he started to produce his own songs, which were apparently so good that attention was immediately assured.
He got some support from Denis Karimani aka Remute from Deklathon Records which unfortunately did not last for a long time until a north German label ''Pocketgame Records'' became interested in Markus and published his first track on their own sampler North & South Bonus 01. All that because of the perfect electronic sounds, others make its salient voice responsible for it. Whatever it came like it had to come. He also played LIVE! In a club and due to this further bookings followed. In April 2005 his record ''Big Trouble in little China'' and was published on Evil's homelable base Psycho Shoxxs and immediately placed in shops at number 1 which catapulted themselves into the limelight (deejay.de Techno1).
Not only does Sven Väth play it! But also other nameful Dj's, such as Andre Galluzzi and Miss Yetti or DJ HELL has the record in the case.
His new E.P. ''Strange Smile'' (with an incredible Kaos Remix) was published on the Dirty Dancing record. Blackstrobe loved the record so much that it immediately became licensed for his new mix album. Now he has an agreement with Tomcraft..s Label Great Stuff / Craft Music and makes a great start with his new single Ruhestörung Plattenbau (incl OXIA REMIX).
A place at CoolCutzCharts and DDC are safety.Play Paul, Tiefschwarz, Mike Monday, Gregor Tresher, John Selway, Özgür Can, Scratch Massive, Funk D..Void are the supporter of this new record worldwide.
Shortly after that followed another release with Pai Lung „at Whirlpoolsex Music and none other than Pai Lung „ at Whirlpoolsex Music was raring to remix this absolutely staggering Electro - Pop - Bomb. Unbelievable, nearly at the same time on febuary 2007 he redacted a second release at Craft Music with his friend and studiopartner Daniel Dexter (Craft Music) Shooting Tigers incl. Play Paul Remix catapult to the first place at DDC Bullet Charts!!!
It..s highly probable that some publications from Markus Lange at Great Stuff / Craft Music to make its bow for the future, we can get excited...However, nearly every day Markus Lange gets top - class remix requests, which gets the most attention from the successfully producer.
Not just in clubs you can listen to the tracks from Markus Lange, you can find him also at innumerable CD..s and Mix Compilationen like,the new Ministry of Sound - Mix Compilation The Annual 2007 , the Clubtech Panorama or Londons most wanted Sampler 2007 „Fabric 32 , which is remixed by Technopionier Luke Slater. Soon will publish the fourth release at Whirlpoolsex Music: „Immer Wieder Sonntags Hitman , which almost befor its published catapulted to place 1 at Deejay.de ,Web Reccords and others.
We can be excited how Markus Lange will surprise us with his electrical delicasy. It..s for sure that he is almost one of the greatest birds of a feather. Markus Lange - Live is great Minimal - Electro Tunes inclusive his compelling vocals because he isnt only producer and Live performer,he is a brilliant singer too. Plattenlabel Great Stuff, Craft Music, Whirlpoolsex Music.


DJ Alive Set


  • Markus Lange - Why / GTR - (Sucre Sale 003)
  • Markus Lange & Daniel Dexter - Combat Rock / We were wild - (Television Rocks 007)
  • Daniel Dexter & Markus Lange - We dont care - (Elected Tunes 002)
  • Markus Lange - Perihelion - (Craft Music)
  • Daniel Dexter & Markus Lange - Acidkids - (Whirlpoolsex Music 013)
  • Markus Lange - Uncontrollable - (Craft Music 022)
  • Markus Lange - Spin EP - (Klang Gymnastik 014)
  • Markus Lange - Hitman - (Immer wieder Sonntag) (Whirlpoolsex Music 010)
  • Markus Lange & Daniel Dexter - Shooting Tiger - incl. Play Paul Remix - (Craft 018)
  • Markus Lange - Pai Lung - incl. Oliver Koletzki / Voltique Remix (Whirlpoolsex Music 007)
  • Markus Lange - The Shogun, WE do what He Say (Psychoshoxxs 009)
  • Markus Lange - Ruhest√∂rung Plattenbau [incl. Oxia Remix] (Craft Music 011)
  • Markus Lange - Ride Side - [incl. Paul Brtschitsch Remix] (Whirlpoolsex Music 004)
  • Markus Lange - My Girlfriend is a Robot/Agony Lash (Klash Musik 002)
  • Markus Lange - Fuck I want You! (Superfancy Recordings 004)
  • Markus Lange - Big Trouble In Little China (Psycho Shoxxs 05)
  • Markus Lange - James Bondage (Pocketgame Records 007)
  • Markus Lange - Strange Smile [incl. Kaos Remix] (Dirty dancing 006)





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