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Kim Pixa

Live Act & Dj


"Individuality and originality is a way to be unique and to have your own identity is very important to me. Music makes you forget all that is flawed and helps you to feel free! My love of Music is my weapon, to generate emotions like freedom, happiness and love."
-Kim Pixa-

At the beginning of 90's Kim Pixa started dj'ing and producing in the early days of the Czech Republic dance scene. His fascination with the sound of techno and house pushed him into studio and he started writing and producing his own tracks. Kim started to dj and produce seriously in 1995 and released couple full length underground albums. In 2003 he started to perform his own tracks live with musicians, vocalists and Mc's.

In 2004 he created partnership with dj Wega and they together founded project WeKi. Their first worldwide success came with the release of multiple singles on labels such as Beef Records, Tribalvision Records, Catwalk, Treatmühle, Le Mans and numerous others.
Because of their unique sound WeKi became well known dj duo in the Czech Republic, with a big following.They performed at the largest festivals and clubs represent Czech Republic while sharing the stage with many top International Dj's and Artists like Hell, M.A.N.D.Y., Chris Liebing, Oliver Koletzki, Ellen Allien, Aparat, Koscheen, Mogwai and many, many others. They produced well known anthems for individual events with record downloads 6000 in one month. They have held residencies at numerous clubs with great success!

In 2009 Kim started a label called La Pascos Records. This is when he and Wega discovered vocalist called DKP. Which led to production and release of their first album together titled "Evil Kiss" which included the hit single "Women on the Seafloor". In 2010 they performed at numerous clubs and festivals. At the end of the year they decided to take hiatus from production in pursuit of individual projects.

In 2011 Kim Pixa started solo project with a very unique techno-house sound. He now performs live shows as well as dj sets around the world (South America, Europe, Asia). Kim is resident dj at world famous club Roxy. His performances and sets are proof of his unique talent, skills and his love for music. 
Summer 2012 Kim lived on a island in Spain to get inspiration for his new album. In October 16 Kim won the Grand Prize at Beatport Marc Romboy & Ken Ishii - Taiyo remix contest. Marc Romboy choose his remix of Tayio and released it on Systematic Recordings. Now get ready for his NEW ALBUM and TOUR!

Kim Pixa - der schräge Artist, Producer und DJ war schon Anfang der 90er in der Tschechischen Techno House Scene tätig.
Der Techno Pionner aus Prag gehört derzeit zu den anerkanntesten Underground Künstlern in der tschechischen Dance Scene und grundete zum Beispiel die erste tschechische Techno Band Weki.
Er veröffentlichte seine Tracks auf Labels wie Beef Records, Tribalvision Records, Catwalk, Treatmühle, Le Mans, Future Lovers und produzierte die offizielen Hymnen für O2 Telefónica zu den grössten Festivals in der Tschechei.
Seit vielen Jahren war er Resident und Veranstalter in dem weltbekannten Klub Roxy.
2009 gründete er sein eigenes Label La Pascos Records wo er Künstler wie Oliver Klein, Peter Jurgens, Deepchild, James Harcourt und viele andere präsentierte.
2012 gewann Kim den grossen Beatport Remix Contest, wobei ihn der Top Produzent Marc Romboy endekte und seinen Remix auf Systematic Recordings veröffentlichte.
Seit diesem Jahr lebt Kim Pixa in Berlin wo er sich mit Tagträumer² befreundete und auf dem Berliner Label BlackFoxMusic sein Solo-Album veröffentlichen wird.

Photo by Lucas Ross




  • Vinyl:
  • Closer to me (2006)
  • Deepchild – Fractures (WeKi remix 2008)
  • Wo ist die Liebe geblieben - feat. Xenia Beliayeva (BlackFoxMusic 2013)

    Digital Release:
  • Weki - Closer to me (2005)
  • Weki - I..LL Kick your Ass (2005)
  • Weki - Christmas Time (2006)
  • Weki - Juan Boero – Tilt (WeKi remix 2007)
  • Weki - Beep Doctor (2007)
  • Weki - Beep Doctor (Shades of Gray remix 2007)
  • Weki - Beep Doctor (Feldraum remix 2007)
  • Weki - Weki - Beep Doctor (Micky K remix 2007)
  • Weki - Open your mind (2007) anthem Summer of Love 2007
  • QK – Delirium (2007) Weki remix
  • Weki - Olympia (2008)
  • Weki - Aspirin (2008)
  • Deepchild – Fractures (2008) Weki remix
  • Deepchild - Muppet Grind (2009) Weki remix
  • Weki - Find a friend (2009) track of O2 Telefonica Dance Music Awards 09
  • Weki - Electro dreamer (2009) anthem of party Elektra
  • Weki - Golem (2009)
  • Weki - Golem (2009) Oliver Klein, Peter Jurgens REMIX
  • Weki - Women on the Seafloor (2009)
  • Weki - Eyes of Tutanchamon (February 2009)
  • Weki - Eyes of Tutanchamon (2009) James Harcourt REMIX
  • Duca - Wide (Weki remix)
  • Weki - Demon X (2010) Evil Kiss album
  • Weki - Women on the Seafloor (album version 2010) Evil Kiss album
  • Weki - Bite me! (2010) Evil Kiss album
  • Weki - Pits (2010) Evil Kiss album
  • Weki - Lord of Ideas (2010) Evil Kiss album
  • Weki - Night in Rio de Janeiro (2010) Evil Kiss album
  • Weki - Luftpumpe (2010) Evil Kiss album
  • Weki - Evil Kiss (2010) Evil Kiss album
  • Weki - Eyes of Tutanchamon (2010) Evil Kiss album
  • Weki - Golem (2010) Evil Kiss album
  • Weki - Wild Palmes (2010) Evil Kiss album
  • Weki - Burning Lisbon (2010) Evil Kiss album
  • Weki - Women on the Seafloor / Kim Pixa Sunshine remix (2012)
  • Weki - Burning Lisbon / Kim Pixa Deep Street remix(2012)
  • Weki - Burning Lisbon (Version 2012) Deepchild REMIX
  • Weki - Rio de Janeiro / Kim Pixa Copacabana remix
  • Marconi & Sonja - ChaPiano (2012) Kim Pixa inside remix
  • Kieslowski - Zeleny (2012) Kim Pixa Sunlight remix
  • Carl Cox - The Player (2012) Kim Pixa colorfull remix unreleased
  • Marconi - Orchestra (2012) Kim Pixa Narurall remix
  • Oliver Huntemann - In Troubles Of Trouble (2012) Kim Pixa Sunny remix unreleased
  • Marc Romboy & Ken Ishii – Taiyo (2012) Kim Pixa remix

  • Weki - La Pascos Dream Part 1 (2005) mix of the month in magazine Xmag
  • Weki - La Pascos Dream Part 2 (2006) second place in Dance Awards
  • Weki - Dark Side of Elektra vol 1. (2008)
  • Kim Pixa - Love!!! (2011)
  • Kim Pixa - Tiefton Klub (2012) Germany

  • Auto & Tunning Magazin CD
  • Chronicles IX Summer
  • Vertikalation
  • Dirtiest Electro House Volume 4
  • True Naturell
  • Chronicles IX Winter
  • Electro Freak Out Vol.1
  • iVision
  • Believe in Progressive House 1 (Ibizastyle)
  • Believe in Progressive House 2 (Ibizastyle)
  • Electronic World Series 06 (Australia)
  • Fragments 3
  • Plusquam deluxe
  • Dutch House Anthems
  • Tech-no-logic volume 3
  • Don´t believe the hype

  • Evolution of the czech dance scene (2008)
  • About czech dance scene (2010)


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